Penalty Abatement

Penalties can be crippling since they may add up to 25% of the tax owed. For this reason, it makes sense to get help from our team of tax professionals before you send in a payment. We understand penalties are a result of many common situations, such as paying late, filing late, and failing to pay estimated taxes. Many people make these mistakes every year, and some of them avoid having to pay penalties because they seek the help of experienced tax firms like DNN Tax Service, Inc.

If you have been notified you owe penalties to the IRS, you should immediately turn to us for advice. We can take a look at your case to determine how we can help. We have had great success reducing or entirely eliminating penalties. For instance, we have reduced a penalty of $40,000 down to $0. We have also reduced $65,000 down to $13,500, and these are just a few examples. No matter how much the IRS claims you now owe, there is a chance we can reduce it to a more affordable amount.

You simply need to act quickly since there are usually tight deadlines by which penalties need to be paid. If you come to us before the deadline, we will do our best to show the IRS you had a valid reason for completing the actions that led to the penalties. Divorce, natural disasters, and illness are all factors that are considered out of your hands and thus might qualify you for penalty abatement. Schedule an appointment with us to determine if you have a chance of getting rid of your penalties.