Why Choose Us

State and Federal Tax Preparation

We understand how confusing it can be to file a tax return, whether you own a business or simply plan to itemize your deductions. We can take the pressure off by filing for you as soon as we have all the documentation we need.

Payroll, Sales Tax, Bookkeeping

If you are having trouble keeping your financial documents organized, we can provide you with bookkeeping services whether you run a business or a busy household. For business owners in particular, we can expertly handle accounts receivable, accounts payable, ledgers, and other crucial financial aspects of any company.

Audit Representation

It is hard to feel at ease when you are being audited, but we will be there to offer you support and advice based on our decades of experience. In many cases, the IRS is satisfied once you simply provide the proper documentation to clear up any questions about your tax return.

Financial Planning

If you’re not naturally skilled at financial planning, you can turn to our staff for help. Whether you are trying to save for college, buy a house, or carefully budget for any other major purchase, we can advise you. We can assist you in deciding which savings account to use, which investments to make, and how to project your future expenses.

EDD Paperwork

The Employment Development Department can be difficult to navigate on your own, but you can’t ignore it when it comes to filing the paperwork. If you are on unemployment or disability, you need to make sure you fill out the required forms accurately to avoid tax problems.

Tax Advice

If you have any concerns regarding your taxes, we can advise you until you feel prepared for tax season. You may be able to file on your own as soon as you get the answers you need, so feel free to come to us no matter how much assistance you need.

New Business Startup

As you start a new business, you will have a lot of questions that need to be answered by professionals. You can come to us to find out about the taxes you will have to pay as you operate your business, including sales taxes, payroll taxes, and more.

Profit and Loss Statement

Every company needs to put together a profit and loss statement, whether to show investors or just keep track of profitability. If you need some guidance as you try to compile the necessary information, come to us for help.

Retirement Planning

It may take more than just participating in your job’s retirement plan to be able to support yourself when you can no longer work. We can make sure you are on the right track to retire at your desired age.